All over the Internet, people are going crazy over viral videos. And they have good reason to, mainly because these viral videos sort of capture the culture of today’s human beings. These days, people have little to no patience for the kind of marketing that takes too long – too much talking means too much time wasted and time wasted means loss of productivity.

The reason why promo codes and coupon codes on products are making it big is the same reason why viral videos are making it big. Because of these viral videos and their success in keeping people glued, they’re seen to be excellent tools for marketing. But do they represent an absolute good for your product or service?

Disadvantages of Viral Video Marketing

Like many things in life, viral video marketing is far from being absolutely good. One of its disadvantages is that going viral doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic increase in sales. In the first place, what does going viral mean? According to the dictionary definition, going viral basically means that your video became popular enough that people came to share them with each other all over the globe. Fact of life: sharing the video doesn’t mean they’ll buy the product.

Another disadvantage is that going viral is something that happens, something that largely relies on luck. Given that this is the case, it is therefore no surprise that many viral videos are one-hit wonders. They manage to do it once but then they never manage to do it again, or to have the same level of success as the first. Companies that rely on viral video marketing run the risk of depending on lucky strikes, which, in the business world, do not really amount to much.

Another disadvantage is that now, with the current popularity of anything going viral, everyone else seems to be doing it. And when everyone else is doing it, this lessens the chances of you getting noticed or getting enough attention to actually sell. Thus, if you should ever decide to go on viral video marketing, you are going to need a huge dose of creativity, and (of course) luck, in order to succeed.


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