Sure, you’ve fnally mustered up enough courage to begin your startup business. And yet, the first step is not always the most difficult, especially in the area of business. What you need is a good set of strategies to ensure not only that your product or your service exists; you need a set of strategies to make sure, more importantly, that your product or your service sells and makes it big in the market. Without these strategies, you can simply kiss your startup goodbye. So what do you need then? Start taking notes on these three steps.

Three Steps to Successful Viral Video Marketing for Startups

First of all, you need to emphasize that you are connected to an idea. Your product is not just a product, your service is not just a service. It’s an entire business idea that’s bound to make life easier for your potential clients. When you market your product, make sure that the flow of messages contains real user stories and takes advantage of emotional design to connect people to their basest instincts.

Second of all, give incentives for sharing. Startups rely on clients to do the work for them, and you can only call for more sharing if you incentivize it (this might sound quite self-interested, but that’s just the way it is). Let your users do your work for you, and let them share your product or service with the world. If you’ve done what you’re supposed to do and have provided them with something of such sheer quality that they have no desire to use anything else like it, then they’ll want to share that with the world—especially if there are rewards.

Third, be really careful about growth, especially if it’s the kind that you can no longer control. Sometimes, viral marketing does work, and at other times it works to a degree that goes beyond your control, and at this rate, it gets scary. To avoid this, keep track of systems that work and systems that don’t work. Keep track of the sharing of your marketing videos. (Yes, the same way you keep track on all your promo codes and coupon codes on products.)


  1. Vickie M. McNabb

    i agree. many people started up with 1 video and then it went viral and they made more. they earn money and popularity with that tho


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